Pastor | Youth Pastor

Pastor Scott G. Willman was raised in Pasco, Washington. From pretty much newborn to the time I left for Bible College, I was taken to church with my parents and two sisters. We moved to the Pasco area when I was very young and my family became very active at Riverview Baptist Church. My two sisters and I were enrolled and later graduated from Riverview Baptist Christian School.

When I was about 5 or 6, I attended a Neighborhood Bible Time (mainly due to the fact that my mother was a worker). I heard Bible stories and the plan of salvation all week long. The Holy Spirit began convicting me that I was not saved and that if I didn't get saved that I would end up in hell. I remember hearing about the promises of God and that He NEVER breaks His promises. The story of Noah was what God was using to show me that I needed a Saviour and that Jesus provided a way of escape. That Saturday after Neighborhood Bible Time, I was playing at the couch in front of the big picture window at our house in West Richland. I was extremely convicted and I just had to get it settled. I knelt down and accepted Christ as my Saviour. It was like a burden was lifted! I followed the Lord in believer's baptism a very short time later.

Having parents that were involved in church, I naturally followed them in serving God. As soon as I was old enough, I became a worker on my parents' bus route. Visiting and being a bus worker made a big impact on my life. I learned to care for people. I learned about how God could take a life that was deep in sin and transform that person into a victorious Christian that was doing a great work for Him! In Jr. High, my sister showed me from the Bible that every Christian is commanded to share the Gospel with other people. She continued to say that the best way to learn was to go teen soulwinning with the Youth Group at the church. It was at Teen Soulwinning that I had the privilege to lead the first person to Jesus Christ. When they accepted Christ it was an awesome experience! After this, I wanted to get involved in everything our church had to offer.

In High School Chapel, a visiting preacher preached something that I don't remember. What I do remember was that during the invitation I was being convicted again. The visiting preacher was asking if we had ever surrendered our lives to do whatever God wanted. I knew that I had not nor had I given it any thought. We were encouraged to go down and shake hands with our youth pastor if we were willing to pray and surrender to what God had for us. I prayed and walked down and shook his hand. I knew God had something for me but I wasn't sure what. I was willing to do what God wanted.

I went off to Bible College in Indiana and there met the love of my life! We were married in 2000. My wife graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with her teaching degree in 2001. We moved to Michigan and began working as laymen in Stephanie's home church. In 2006, the Youth Pastor passed away suddenly. During the funeral, God began working in my heart. Romans 10:14 began to ring in my heart. I knew that God wanted me in the ministry and that God wanted me to fill the gap that Pastor Allen Mol left when God called him home.

I finished my Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Theology from Baptist College of America while my pastor was helping me learn the workings of the ministry. I was intern Assistant Pastor during this time. I was ordained in 2010 at People's Baptist Church in Bay City, MI.

God had led us to New Jersey for several years to work with a Pastor friend that I had grown up with in Washington. We worked the camp and worked with the teenagers at the church as Youth Pastor. In December of 2013, God was leading us to Bucyrus, Ohio. Calvary Baptist Church voted to offer the position of Youth Pastor to us and we knew that it was God's will. We are excited to see God do great things and it is a privilege to work in the ministry.

Pastor Scott and his wife Stephanie