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Calvary Baptist Church
Bucyrus, Ohio

The Web Server

Picture of CBC's Web Server

The Web server is run from a computer at the pastor's home. Our domain name was purchased through no-ip.com. With the No-IP Plus service, we are able to use an regular internet connection with a dynamic IP address to host our website.

Our web server indicates that your IP address is:

Software Specs

Server: Abyss Web Server X2 v2.6 (www.aprelium.com)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional

Hardware Specs

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ @ 2400 MHz
Memory: 896 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 160 GB

Internet Connection Specs

ISP: Earthlink Cable Internet
Download Speed: ~600 KB/s
Upload Speed: ~55 KB/s

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